Heavy Truck Repairs

Truck drivers headed along Highway 401 or the Trans-Canada Highway need reliable, expert options for heavy truck repairs. Accidents happen, so a quick Google of “semi-truck repair near me” should show a plethora of options. And although this is the case, how would a trucker stuck in Timmins, Hearst, Val d’Or, Sault Saint Marie, or any other remote town, know which heavy truck body shop is the best?

These days, dealership networks are being formed to ease this task on truckers. With the formation of dealership networks, a truck driver could be familiar with a specific repair shop in Ottawa let’s say, and be stuck in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia — yet a quick search on a dealership network website would give them a list of other dealerships affiliated with the one they are already familiar with. This builds a sense of trust and community. Heavy truck collision repair shops are a plenty, yet quick, trustworthy, reliable ones are not.

Heavy-duty trucks need heavy-duty truck parts, and the best prices and best repair services are often found hand in hand. A body shop is only as good as the mechanics and technicians who work there. Truck Centres need to build a name for themselves as well, should they wish to recruit the best truck repair mechanics and heavy truck parts specialists.

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